If 90-95% traders loose money why do people still trade?


It is what is called, the law of the jungle - survival of the fittest. 

How many new businesses that start actually end up making money, how many cricketers can play for the national team, how many singers/actors get a chance to shine in Bollywood ??? 

Trading is like an art and requires skill that you need to be born with to make it big time. Just like any of what I have mentioned above, it not only requires talent but also hardwork to hone and opportunities to shine. 

If you actually end up comparing trading to say sports, or arts, the odds of winning or staying profitable is much higher. Also there is a lot more under your control when you are trading and don't really have to depend on others for your future like in arts/sports. 

So as long as there are winners trading the market, there will be many who will be trying to get there and only a few make it through. 

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pradyk, Once John Templeton was asked by his student when Templeton handed him a book dated back 1900, which he consider to be life changing for him, that how can such a old book can explain todays fast and changing market, is those rules still applicable in current scenario ? On that Templeton replier "Ever since the trading begin, lot of things and methods has changes, but two force never changes and will always remain fuel for market are Greed and Fear. So It was out of Greed which keep on giving new blood to system. I hope you got your answer.


That is because most of us think we belong to the other 5%!


A logical question but the answer lies in psychology.

Trading is business. Any businessman in this world can be run his business in three styles:

1) Disciplined Business
2) Gambling
3) Lottery

Since anyone can participate stock trading majority of people trade with gambling/lottery mindset. Only a very few people have the discipline to strictly follow a solid strategy.

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true dat! :slight_smile: Like Axl Rose says… “Welcome to the Jungle Baby”.

Nithin, I agree with you, one more important reason is low entry barrier, One can dream of being rich as low as 50K which isnt possible with any other business.

Yes shaashank, Greed is a double edge sword. if you don’t handle it well it can break you down …

Agreed :slight_smile: . may be we do belong to that 5% …

95% beleive they belong to that 5% LOL