If a person is knowing everything from FA to TA ,is there any chance he will be profitable everyone

First a new trader makes losses as he does not know anything.But is there a chance if the trader knows everything from TA,FA he can make profits every time

making profits every time needs discipline not knowledge.

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You CANNOT make profits every time.

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its is not necessarily true.

Knowing everything does not guarantee profit in every trade.

Even seasoned traders have a streak of loss making trades, but still make good profits as their probability of winning trades will be more than the losing trades.

Its a game of probability my friend.

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Stock Trading is the toughest as well as easiest job in the world.
Here is the quote from

Day trading is the best job in the world on the days you make money. You make a trade, then maybe 20 minutes later you are out of the trade with a profit, and for the rest of the day you think about how much money you made.
It’s the worst job in the world on a bad day. I would make a trade, it would go against me, and then I wanted my heart to stop so my blood would stop thumping so loudly.

Knowing everything from A-Z, doesn’t mean you will be making profit consistently.

If that’s the case, then @Karthik :slight_smile: might be the most successful in stock markets and may be listed in top 10 riches :slight_smile:

If you are a investor then, chances are there, you may be making profit consistently provided that you invest in good stocks.

If you are a day trader or simply a trader, than you have very very little chance to make money.Making profit in a day or in a month doesn’t constitute a ‘success in day trading’.

A Success in Day Trading’ is, you must be consistently profitable year on year
and your draw-down should be well less than the earlier profit you made.

If you make 50% return this month and lost 70% next month and again gained 30% return,
the your net return is 10% (50-70+30), even-though you are in net profit of 10%, you can not say it as a success as you may loose another 70% on another month. After-all loss is part of the game and can not be avoided, but it should not overtake your profit in a long run.

Day Trading is simply Mass Psychology, every indicator or calculation, you use in your trading system is just trying to predict the overall mass psychology. No machine is here to predict it correctly.

This uncertainty only keeps the market running else market would n’t exists.

There is very less or you can say no authenticated statistics on day trading, so everything you read is user opinion.

If you get a chance to read any book on day trading, half of the book will discuss only psychology and its fact.

and only a very very very few gifted people are success in day trading and that too come after a lot many years of struggle.

Day Trading is Simply a War Between Strong and Weak Mind where
Strong Mind always Succeed and Weak Mind Always Fails.
Weak Mind Feels Greed On Profit and Feels Fear on Loss and Finally Give Up.
But Nothing Can Influence Strong Mind,He stays Cool on Profit as Well As On Loss
Because He Knows what at most Can Happen.
Weak Minds are essentially the Basic Building Blocks Of Stock Market Without Them Stock Market Won’t Exist.
Weak Minds are Like Blood, They Bring and Circulate Money in The Stock Market.
If Stock Market is So Simple, then No One Will Money.
Someone Has to Loose to Someone Gain.
Finally, It’s a Zero Sum Game.


Generating Profit everyday Practically not possible.
Even GOLDMAN SACHS Don’t Make Profit Everyday.

You can Look into Their annual report. They publish every year.

Nobody Knows everything, Money is made by discipline and money management.


Very nicely explained

Most probably he will be making losses. Reason: psychology. There are several surveys conducted by psychological experts/ professors which concluded that a group of laymans’ predictions are better than that of experts from the field. This is also famously referred to and called as “dart throwing monkeys” in psychology.

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After learning TA also, my performance is not improving.
I think I am not implementing it properly.

I have always this fear of loosing money


do you have fear before entering trade ?
are you setting stop loss based on fear ?
are you modifying stop loss / Target Order ?

Discussion will reduce fear. If you are trading alone that also may be reason.

Hi TA is more often lands you in financial quagmire. Experts, dont always encourage TA knowing fully well, that , it is a short time joy to cherish but eventually robs off all of ones peace and money.

Timing the market is anybody`s guess; only a seasoned and judicious application of your mind would reward you amply

Reduce no.of contracts / shares, if you are always fearing losses while in a trade.

I enter in a trade in a hurry & I always expect the trade to be profitable.If the trade is profitable I expect it to be more profitable.So when the profitable trade starts to make reverse & starts to make loss .

Many times the trade which I have taken makes little profits,but when it reverse,it reverse in a very big way.Most of the time,I think why didn’t this big movement came in the direction which I was trading

@DA3110 Stop trading for some time and clear up your mind and then start trading again. I guess you are getting desperate in seeing profits. I understand your situation.

If you know everything about the game of cricket, will you be the best batsman in the world?

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I have stopped trading for some time