If I buy as CNC during 3:25 pm and sell as CNC in Post Market session (after closing price declare), will it be considered as Intraday trade?

If I buy and sell as CNC during trading hours, it will be considered similar to MIS and charges will be applied like what it will be applied to MIS trade. (Brokerage and other charges)

What happens when I buy as CNC and sell as CNC in post market session. Will it be considered as Intraday trade MIS or BTST or CNC itself?

What kind of charges will be applied?

Do I need to have the shares in demat account for selling in postmarket, or will the shares I just bought in trading hours before 3:15 is sufficient to sell the stock in post market?

Yep aastro, that will be considered as an intraday trade, and all charges will be as though it was an intraday trade.

The shares that you bought in trading hours before 3.15 as CNC can be sold in post market.

Very intelligent and valid question…let some trading masters look into it and answer the question for us. Even im curious to know

Today I tried this and it works. I got around 0.85 rs profit per share. (for a stock which is close to 300 rs price)
Need to find some algo or estimate VWAP to consider this as a possible strategy.
Hope you understood what I have asked in the question.

Intersting Aastroguru :).
Just a thought - in case there are no buyers in the post market session you may just get stuck.

Thats why I first sell the stocks in my demat, and later buy exactly at 3:40. If some mishap happens my stocks in demat gets sold (which is already in profits). Anyway liquidity is good until 3:45 or so, as per my observation.
If the stock is not there in my demat, could be a problem as like you said!

You said shares bought before 3:15? Why?
So if buy CNC at 3:25, can I sell it in post market as Intraday charges?

ah my bad, any shares bought as CNC upto 3.29.59 can be sold in post market, and it would be considered as an intraday trade only.