If i enter a bracket order say sell@1008 and the market falls from 1014 to 1006 will my order be executed?

If you're placing a bracket order to sell a contract at 1008 while its trading at 1014, your bracket order to sell will get executed immediately since you're entering a price lower than what its trading at.

More on bracket order here.


At this point, we dont have trigger based entry into bracket orders, So when you place the BO, the entry order is placed immediately.

So if u place a Sell BO @ 1008, when market falls from 1014 to 1006, your BO entry will happen at 1014 itself, which is the best available Sell Price.

But if you place a Sell BO @ 1008 when market rises from 1006 to 1014, your BO will be waitlisted as limit order and will only enter when the price reaches 1008.