If i have an open position, will money still come to my bank account during quarterly settlement process?

It depends on the cash available in your trading account & the worth of position you are carrying.

For eg. 1. If you have a cash of Rs 100000/- & you hold position worth of Rs 25000/- in this case additional 125% of the position margin will be retained i.e Rs 31250/- the rest of the amount will be reverted back to your bank account. 

2. Suppose in case you hold position worth of Rs 75000/- the remaining balance will be retained & no amount will be transferred to your bank account.

For more details check in this link.


thanks Praveen, clear now :slight_smile:

@praveen beautifully explained…thanks

@Praveen: How much will be transferred back in Eg 1?

Rs 43750/- will be transfered back to bank account. After retaining the additional of Rs 31250 + 25000 margin amount.

Thanks you ! This helps :slight_smile: