If i sell 1,oo,ooo shares in abc script at 4. 90

under condition




day,it partially fill ie 56000/100000

so what will happen

the remaining fill in next day automatically?

or partially filled is also cancel itself ?// due to not achieve

What will be brokerage??

hello trader,

All orders you place with the exchange are valid only for a day.

All unfilled orders partial or full are canceled automatically at 4 pm .

Brokerage is charged only for the qty that gets filled.


No…You got in wrong way ! Ex- If i put my order to buy 100 shares today at rs. 15. but i am only able to buy 60 shares today. at the end of the day my order cancelled for pending shares i.e.40 shares. brokerage is applicable for 60 shares that i buy at rs.15. Simpally if your order does not excute today due to any reason than your order is cancelled at the end of the day. If you want to buy more shares than you have to place order next market day