If i sell some buy and sell same stock in a same day in CNC mode. How much time it will take to add money with profit in main account balance thats why i can buy share again

For Example I buy 200 shares in CNC mode and I sold the same day.

1)So after selling the profit/loss, will it reflect in my account. I am asking this question as i have a doubt, whether can i use my money the just after selling share or next day for again buying shares or it will be locked for 2-3 days.

2) The main balance (let i buy share of 1500 and sell it at 1600.) how much time it will take to add 1500 in my cash balance so i can but shares again. 

Hi Trader,

  1. When you close an open position , ( both CNC and MIS ) the net value of the closed position is added to your account instantly, you can use this money as soon as the position is closed.

  2. 1500 + 100 is instantly added to your cash balance to open another position.


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explaining according to your example… if you buy shares of 1500, than zerodha will deduct 1500 from you equity account and when you sell them… say at 1600.

than it will reflect in you account/dashboard… instantly… and now you can buy shares of cash value 1600 rs…