If nothing went wrong ( subjecting financial policies between India and US) in the visit of US president as on Republic day, shall we expect a positive market on the very next day?

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The markets are there where they are expecting nothing to happen. India is a peace loving country. I’m sure the Government of India has taken several precautions to ensure nothing happens.

I am told that President Obama’s armored ‘Beast’ has arrived in New Delhi for the Republic day ride.

It is also being said that the capital will turn into a virtual fortress for US President Barack Obama’s visit this weekend with heightened security measures including an extended no-fly zone to protect the world’s most powerful leader.

Air Force One will touch down at about 10 am on Sunday at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The President will be received by Piyush Goyal, designated as the Minister-in-Waiting for President Obama’s trip.

POTUS will then use his armored limousine, known as the Beast, and drive to Rashtrapati Bhawan . He is likely to briefly travel on the Gurgaon-Delhi highway, cross the usually busy intersection at Dhaula Kuan, move along Sardar Patel Marg , passing the Maurya Sheraton hotel where he will stay.

Considering all the securities measures being put in place in all likelihood there will be no untoward incident.

Sit back and enjoy the Republic Day Parade !


On the economy front, thr r many policies expected to be signed during the US President visit like nuclear power, defence deals. If everything happens as per the expectation, it wud greatly reduce the deficit that India is facing as of now.

Apart from tht, on the interntional front, thr is Greek election on this sunday Lets hope, it wont give rise to euro crisis.


Thank you Sameer!! I’m confident, nothing will happens wrong…!! I’m not worrying about the security measures…we all know our India will deliver the best. Why I ask this because actually I need to know the market trend on the very next day after his visit. #happy republic day sameer

@sdg , thank you !! hope for the best to happen :slight_smile: #happyRepublicDay