If the stock/indices quotes shown on trading platforms is really live as they say,why do nse charge huge amt of money for level 1,2,3 real time data?

the fact is… whatever we r seeing on our trading platform is not current… if the chart on our platform shows a fall and u short your position accordingly most of the time u ll be wrong because whatever is shown to us on our trading platform has happened 5 min ago and the tide now has changed…so you are betting against the market.why does’nt anybody acknowledges it…?without actual real time data and a very fast internet connection…nobody can trade efficiently in the markets…and the cost involved with that is way out of league of retail investors…v r just shooting in the dark hoping it hits the target.

Moral of the story: NSE and the Exchanges in India are cheating.

My question to you: Why are you still trading and on this forum?

Why are Exchanges charging so much money?: Because we all want to make more money and so do the Exchanges. If you want cheap data, go to cheap data vendors.


Hey Allan, what you have said is absolutely wrong. The delay if any to what is happening on the exchange to what you are seeing on the trading platform is in milliseconds ( 1/1000th of a second). 

You can verify your trades here: http://www.nseindia.com/tv, it will have a time stamp. Even the tradebook has a time stamp. You can very easily confirm the time of your trade, the price you are watching, to your trade price. 

I have explained here on what level 2 and level 3 data is. Level 1 data doesn't have any market depth option to it. What we see on the trading platform is similar to level 2 data. 


Height of Pessimism !

ignorance abt crucial things is the reason why 90 percent traders loose money and this system survives.