If want sell nifty option 9200 ce at 20 premium. The how much money required in my trading account? Intrday or overnight position



Margin required to write this option is 41K. you can use margin calculator to know more about margin required. click here

only 40% of required margin needed to maintain in trading account if you want to take intraday position. 

By option calculator nifty 9200 ce cmp 3.9
Showing span ₹19999
And exposure 19635
Total 39634 receivable premium 274
Here Total margin is 144 times more than 274
But as u said above ce with premium 20 rs total margin 41000
But as receivable premium is 1500
And total about 41000 thar is only 17 times more than 1500
…plz clear it why 17 times and why 144 times more