If you are planning to search for undervalued/tommorrow's blue chip stocks - which exchange is better to follow? NSE or BSE

It could be anywhere Salman! For example a very interesting real estate company - probably the only profitable RE company during 2008 - 2013 is listed on BSE and not NSE!

Point is, you need to define your stock picking process - Top down or bottom up…and if you go methodically you will find your blue chip…and the exchange its listed on is only incidental to the whole process.

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BSE has more scripts, Scrips which are listed on NSE will most likely be listed on BSE too. The problem with BSE scrips is that you cannot easily identify the gem out of it. The process of filtering will become cumbersome and you will get similar scrips, atleast a plenty of them.

NSE has a very stringent listing guidelines, which qualifies the scrip (you can consider that as an filter). Sure you could spot so many gems within NSE too.

Putting money on a scrip which has not even proven anything, is not a good idea though. In my opinion you could look at NSE scrips first, if you are done with your analysis, move on to BSE scrips which are left out.

:-), since BSE has more scripts., thought it could be a better place than NSE to spot a gem … but yeah, got you absolutely!