If you are trading for a living, how do you decide how much to pull out to your bank every month?

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I think this is a very subjective question and it would be difficult for one number/figure to be common to everyone who is trading. I say this because everyone’s wants & needs are different.

You’re a flying shark and hence may require considerably a higher amount of money to sustain your flying activities compared to me, someone who stays on the land.


That depends on your expenses such as if you have outstanding EMI on loans, utility bills or maybe the petrol charges for the Ferrari you may own so then you'll have to draw Rs 1,50,000 per month. But if you don't have such but only minor expenses like only phone bills then you're better off with Rs 20,000 per month. Hence, that is a very individual specific question that you've asked.

The thumb rule is: The more you invest, the better returns you get.

So, try not to draw more amount than you require.


@flyingshark It depends on your individual needs/expenses, your socio economic conditions etc.

I will tell you what I do, I remove roughly around 50% of the total profits that I have made during the given month. Sometimes it’s like I make profits today, immediately there’s a payout request at the end of day to treat myself and my folks with some goodies (Baskin Robbin included).

As for me, the biggest motivational factor or rather euphoric factor is the process of payout (putting the payout request, waiting for the sms which tells me that the money is credited in my bank a/c, and then withdrawing the money from ATM). Oh, I just love that.


lol u r funny :wink: good answer though :slight_smile:

Appreciate you taking it in the right spirit :slight_smile: Sometimes between all the seriousness, a dose of humor helps :slight_smile:

bro there are always 2 sides of the coin, it never hurts to look at the brighter side, and true that we all need some dose of humour… appreciate that :slight_smile:

phew, 1.5 lacs for fuel in a ferrari?!?! bro i’ll have to sell my ferrari to pay for its fuel lol

I want to withdraw Rs.30,000 every month…i.e.Rs.1000 per day…but it never happened…just a dream yet

perseverance is a very important trait @sanmathiraj … roll your sleeves up, get ur hands dirty, thats the only way to achieve your dreams, nothing succeeds like success

hehe… That is nice… :smiley:

Do i stand a chance to be your friend? For Baskin robins ice cream :stuck_out_tongue:

@flyingshark oh! sure dude, why not…