IIFL Securites Brokerage misplaced my dads physical Shares

Hello Everyone,

I need Some help regarding the following.

  1. My dad gave some Physical shares for Demat to IIFL Securities in 2009 and in 2011 but the shares were rejected due to signature mismatch the physical shares were send to the IIFL Securities Regional Office near my home town but when asked they are giving a proper answer. I have verified from customer service of IIFL that the returned physical shares were send to the regional office but it seems they have misplaced the shares and now they have closed that office now… I have send countless emails but no response from them. What could be the best possible solution to get back my dads shares.

  2. Some of the shares which are demated due to frequent change of address my father could not change the address and now the demated shares were sent to IEPF along with unpaid dividend. How to get back the shares and unpaid dividend of those shares.

Waiting for Your reply .


  1. Assuming IIFL is not in picture now and you have lost the share certificate , you may kindly write to the respective company /Registrar and ask for procedure to get duplicate share certificate . the process is long , time consuming , tedious with loads of legal documentation and expensive too .
  2. the process to claim securities and dividend which is with IEPF is available on website :http://www.iepf.gov.in/
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