IIFL Stock Recommendation

Is it ok to invest in the free stock recommendations given by IIFL? What does ‘Accumulat’ and ‘Reduce’ mean?

i do NOT know if its ok or not ok to invest based on their calls, but ‘accumulate’ means to add shares to your holdings and ‘reduce’ means to exit partially in the share incase you are holding it.

Nothing in this world is free, mate. Possibly you are receiving spam messages. I would suggest to check this thread on tradingqna.

In case you are quite sure about the authenticity of such messages, I would still suggest to do your own research before any investment. Now the question is, how to start? The answer is Zerodha varsity, which is a collection of nicely written modules on capital market. Give it a try.

Well one can invest after studying the stock. There are many websites which provides free recommendations like iifl,etmarkets,moneycontrol. One thing is to be noticed that these recommendations are sometimes provided by stock analysts or brokerage houses and they provide reasons for their stock selection. I personally look for the justification of the reasons provided by them. If it satisfies me and if the chart indicates then only I go for it.
If one is a swing trader then one can look for their recommendations. But for a day trader trust only yourself.