I'm a B.Sc Math student and completely new to this field should I go for Masters in Economics courses if I'm willing to be a investor and also a part time trader in future?

If not, then which course should I pursue(CA idk or like MBA/certificate/diplomas etc). I mean which will be more effective. I’m clueless because I’m new to stock market.

I’m also going thru Varsity modules so far they are amazing and I really enjoy studying it.

You should choose your career which suits you best. In other words, You should study which makes sense to your brain. CA, etc etc what you mentioned has great opportunities for life anyways.

If your interest is in Printing money, Yeah Stock market is the place. No matter in which field you are special skills needed to survive & sustain. I see you’re coming from Math background, I believe you can handle anything you want to. You should visit Caclubindia, mbaclubindia for detailed subjects review and career objectives.

Yeah varsity is more than enough to start learning about stocks.


With any course , in fact without any course , you can make it in Stock market , only thing you need is a capital (which is independent of your monthly maintenance ) and money management rules. Best thing , what you can do is complete your study/ present course, get a job , accumulate capital and money management technique. and then enter the stock market.


For your information CA, MBA, etc. have absolutely no role to be a successful Professional Trader. Doing law, engineering, MBBS, MBA, etc are very easy thing. Read 16 to 18 hrs everyday with full dedication and you are done. Being a consistently profitable Professional Trader is an altogether different thing. Few of the World’s best traders are great philosophers, like George Soros.

Professional Trading is the most difficult profession in the World. It’s like making easy money in the most difficult way.


Thanks for the reply. Is professional trading all about Technical Analysis mixed with pyschology? If not, what else topics/subjects do we need to learn to become a professional trader?

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Thank you for answering. I will look into core subjects but I guess I need to finish varsity and few books first before I conclude which course makes more sense to me and are more aligned with my goals.

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Technical Analysis (TA) comes last to be a consistently profitable Professional Trader. Trading Psychology creates a conducive environment inside your brain. Then money management will minimize your risk and maximize your profit. Then comes Technical Analysis. So the sequence is Trading Psychology - Money Management - Technical Analysis.

If you trade on the earth surface : Just like gravitational force, PROBABILITY will act on its own by default. So your EDGE will be 50:50. With some TA knowledge you can improve your EDGE to 60:40. But 50:50 EDGE is more than sufficient to make consistent profit with great money management & discipline. One of the legandary trader Mr. Richard Dennis of 1980’ had 95% failure rate. I mean his edge was 5:95 and he was a richest trader & multimillionaire.

The best technical analysts of the world are the worst traders. For example Martin Pring & John Murphy who have written the best TA books are failed traders. They have acknowledged they don’t trade in few of their interviews. The President of Technical Analysts Association of India is Mr. Sudarshan Sukhani, he never trades (written in his book). He is a just a service provider.


Thanks for the detailed response. Can you name books/sources for Trading Pyschology, Money Management?
And is TA from Varsity enough? If not can u provide sources for the same?

No course nothing. Read practice read practice read practice read…and in a few months you’ll know what do you need.

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Alright. I was keen to do masters in future that’s why I asked. As there aren’t really good job profiles for B.Sc Math student unless you are really good at coding/IT.

In investing a 8th standard guy can easily defeat a rocket scientist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Technical Analysis will fail you more often that you expect and many times your SL will be taken out making one look like an absolute fool.

To actually run a family with income only from trading , there is more than meets the eye , no one will tell you and if you are smart enough , you will figure it out after a few years of losses and setbacks

Honest advice , come back after 5-8 years of study and experiments with small capital , better choose a profession which gives guaranteed income

Trading markets are heavily manipulated and you are never really earning any money , just taking someone else’s and no one likes to give their money easily

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If educational qualification is all it takes to be a successful investor or trader then the richest people in the world will be Ivy league MBA and CFA and CMT holders. Since it is clearly not the case you have your answer. If you still need to take a course and want to be a full time investor or a trader then I would suggest take a course in Liberal arts. It should help you become a rational thinker and then learn the fundamentals of investing or trading thru online or via books.


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Its good to note that you have a Math background, which would be quite useful in reading and analysing charts and stuff. The best advice I can give you is that you should take a Masters Degree in what you have a passion for. I dont think there is a course that will put you at a better place as a trader, since almost everything you need to learn to be successful is available online. Anyways, without talking of a particular course, don’t forget that you need patience, money management and trading discipline for you to be successful

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If you are good at math , learn some course which will help you become quant , it has opening in lots of Investment banking company like morgan stanley , jp morgan , goldman sachs …etc … quant is the future for trading.

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