Im a beginner looking for advise

I started in Aug 2020 this is my progress till Sep 2020, any suggestions please. Am I on track?

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tell me how u trade …on which basis u take any trade ??

price action. 1:2 R/R capital 2K - 3K

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But you need to prepare yourself for years of hard work and may need to pay fees to market in lakhs. No shortcut there.


Probably because OP couldn’t handle the truth.

Save ur hard earned money at this stage of small loss…invest in good companies and dont see daily price movements

That will save precious time and money


Tip: never let your emotions play you.

We would suggest you go through the Varsity, educational portal for everything you need to know to get started trading and investing.

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Hey I am also sort of beginner started last year…but I can share few things from my exp which went right for me:

  1. Firstly control greed , invest in good large cap company so if required u can always keep them for long term. Mostly sector leader. So even if they fell eventually they will rise. Also one can average them and can hold them. Example: So as a beginner, for u , Ultratech is better than orient cement
  2. Avoided smallcap they are risky and much volatile, and if I already invested and the stock price decreases I always exited at small loss. Don’t try to average such stock.
  3. Also MOST IMP if you are trading learn to place order with stop loss and follow stop loss strictly.
  4. Do some research before buying a stock. One can’t predict the movement but at least know how strong its financials are ? Sites like Trendlyne is a good tool to know .
  5. Never ever try to catch a falling knife and never love a stock . I learned it the hard way.
  6. Try to remain calm and learn how to deal with repent of making wrong choice and anxiety due to loss in a stock.
  7. Never put 100% of ur money in stock. Always have some cash left to average if need arise.

This is really what I feel …right now all my small caps are red, and all my large caps are Green .

As a Beginner don’t go for large profit, initial the experience u gain is your profit.

But all these things takes time .


Great advice

Right on dot. Saying this from 2 .5 yrs Ops & loss of 5 lakhs


Pleased to know that
Thanks for sharing your view

  1. Lean everything, basics, orders/order placement, liquidity, markets/types etc. etc etc.
    0.1. Market dynamics, movement etc. etc.
    0.2. Read books, watch videos.
    0.3. Watch Live charts, Quotes.
    0.4. Analyze.
    0.5. Deploy only 5-10% of capital you want to loose.
    0.6. Start basic/limited Trading.
    0.7. Experiment across various segments/markets. (Equity, commodity, F&O etc etc.)
    0.8. Analyze and try to rectify your mistakes.
    0.9. Repeat.
    0.10. Deploy additional 10-20% capital you are ready to loose.

  2. Make rules, entry/exit. Type of stocks/F&O/Commodity to trade. Capital to deploy/loose per trade/account wise etc. etc.

  3. Focus on capital preservation. predetermined Stop loss etc. etc. (contingency measures).

  4. Develop/finalize a fixed strategy/method.

  5. After consistency, Scale up & happy profits.

Trading is not easy, well not until you achieve consistency and profit. There are endless days filled with anxiety/euphoria coupled with the cycle of loss/profit but once you get past that it turns out to be a regular job nonetheless but one where you are the boss and the employee. :joy:

It depends how you feel about it. Money lost doesn’t matter, what matter is what you have learned during this whole process.


As a beginner, you should just focus on continuous learning and expertise. You can take up courses , webinars on specific topics, video lectures etc.

There is no end to learning in the stock market. You trade and keep learning from mistakes.

What’s required ? A proper stock market research platform for analysis. There are various apps available that can help you in doing so. Personally, I like StockEdge for analysis and Elearnmarkets app for learning.