im a beginner, where do i start my learning journey in trading

im a beginner, where do i start my learning journey in trading

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Zerodha Varsity…

start by watching liquid stocks such as infy, tatamotors, reliance trading on your broker terminal and how do they behave plotting on some common technical indicators like stochastic, RSI, 50 EMA, bollinger bands on 5 minute time frame. Practice for 6 months and then go for live trading with 10k as capital. Do not take leverage offered by the broker. Go for smaller profits in the range 0.3 to 0.5 percent per trade. If you can double the initial capital in next 6 months then you may double your capital and cycle repeats.

I started the same way and i am fairly successful now after blowing up my account at least 10 times before (as far as i can remember)

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I asked the same question back in Feb 22.
Please refer this.

It helped a lot.

[How to learn trading? Need suggestion]

There is ocean of knowledge today available in net about stcmkt, be it youtube, varsity or websites… But i suggests you taking the practical and experimental approach towards learning stcmkt!

You don’t have to juggle too much with theory of stcmkt as a beginner. Just learn the basics superficially and start watching charts!

If you like to read indices, read indices, if you want to read stocks, read stocks. Just know the structure of candlestick, and don’t try to learn more than one thing at a time.

Like if you are learning support and resistance, just learn it untill you feel comfortable with it, then jump to candlestick patterns, then chart patterns, indicators and so on.

What’s more important is to make journey interesting and joyful! Don’t be in hurry, i suggest you to give atleast 2-3 years solely for learning, believe me, you will cover these 2-3 years of learning in just 2-3 months $$!

Don’t take any real trade for atleast 1 year if you wanna trade indices. Learn slowly, but learn consistently.