Important DOubt on turnover calculation for options in Tax p/l statement. Whether it shows really total premium received on sale of options or simply total sell value of all options in that year?

IN zerodha new backoffice have Tax p/l statement.I have downloaded my p/l statement. I have done Futres and options.For future the turnover is calculated correctly ie sum of favourable and unfavourable.

But for options , the turnover is simply the total sale value of all options + favourable in options+ unfavourable in options.I have never done shorting/ collecting premium on options.I always buy options and sell after.

MY option turnover shows as 6741863.75.It is the total sale value of all options.Not asper section 44AB.SO please do the needfull urgently in the TAX P/L statement in the backoffice.

IF my understanding is wrong please inform me. h

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Presently the option turnover on P&L shows Total sell value + absolute sum of Profit or losses contract wise. We have consulted a few CA’s and this seems to be a good enough way of calculating turnover. Like they say, there is no issue showing more turnover, but showing less might be an issue.

Yes the statement says premium received on selling options (but it doesn’t say option shorting or option writing), so even if you buy and sell you are technically selling an option and receiving premium. Favorable and unfavorable is basically the absolute profits or losses that you make contract wise. Difference in respect of reverse trade, is a redundant statement, basically the favorable and unfavorable will also include the difference in respect of reverse trade.

But do consult your CA on this.


If I am selling and receiving Rs 1000 as premium and in expiry it goes to no valve(profit Rs 1000). Here same 1000 considered two times. Any solution ?