In a stop loss order, can i place limit price equal to trigger price or limit price as some value in between trigger and CMP?

I am getting this error while placing stop loss order in web platform NOW like interface. Stop Loss value cannot be equal to greater than trigger price. (While I am placing a Buy Stop Loss order).

So wanted to clarify the concept behind.

Is it not possible to give limit price as same as trigger?

Is it not possible to give limit price between CMP and trigger?

If not, why?

Yes, it is not possible to have limit price as trigger price or between CMP and trigger price.

So if a stock is at 100, you can place a trigger at 97, with a limit of 96.95 and below. Not at 97 or above…

Why? hmm… Never thought about it… :slight_smile:

I will try to find this out from our tech vendor, if it is an exchange requirement.

But my guess is that probably because the chances of SL going pending and not getting executed is a lot higher if that option was available. Something that most retail may not understand, who assume that a SL means guaranteed execution if they are wrong.