In BO is it possible to move Stop loss in favourable direction of trade

In Pi platform, (BO) is it possible to move Stop loss in the favorable direction of trade, when the trade is in progress.

Or in other words, in Pi we are giving Stop loss in absolute value of points from the Order price. In a Buy order it will be less than Buy Price say by 20 points. How can we give stop loss more than the Buy Order price, to have a trailing stop loss., without using trailing stop loss.

Check this video for bracket order.

Your question is a bit too confusing. You want to place a Stop loss using BO - above your BUY Price. Then how will you limit your loss and where will you keep a target. The idea of a BO is to have a stop loss and a target bracketed in one order so that if once executes then the other cancels.

Hence what you are asking is not theoretically possible, at least in bracket orders.

yes, you can. say you bought something @100, kept target @105, SL @98 and price moves to say @103, you can modify ur SL to from 98 to any price you want.