In conversation with Nithin Kamath

I too have been facing issues with tech support. So I try to resolve as much as possible myself and to go to them only if absolutely essential.

I have also been facing a lot of issues with pi and not receiving satisfactory results from the tech support.

Hi Nitin, There is too much margin required when writing a options even on bracket order ? Can we have lesser margin on that side.

What percentage of frequent (greater than 3-4 trades a week) traders are profitable who trade with Zerodha? Do we have any “Great” traders using Zerodha?

@nithin hi , it will be great if you can add the feature the bulk trade monitor in real time on PI

That’s right…No App on Windows 10 Mobile and in the web interface,it is kind of difficult to exit/modify an order.

Hi Nithin,

Some of my Clients are still with the “high Cost” brokers. I have been recommending them to move onto Zerodha but there are few challenges Highlighted by them.

  1. Zerodha doesn’t allow Intraday margins based on Collateral of the Holding Stocks.
  2. Don’t have sub-broker terminal where multiple client accounts can be managed.

Are these on Zerodha’s roadmap.

Vinay Agrawal

why dont u collaborate with trading view ?

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Kidnly give details about dp charges. Whether profit showing in Q-Backoffice is net of dp charges. Also profit showing in Zerodha Calculator is net of dp charges or not. Lots of confusion about dp charges

Is there any chance that you are reducing Kite API charge from 2,000 ?

Dear Nithin,
Thanks for that webinar. It was informative and inspirational too. Thanks for taking into account the major concern of the traders ‘Q’.
Curiously waiting for new platform crux (if the spelling is correct…!) .

Brother, please don’t forget

  • GTC / GTD
  • Margins for CNC
  • Complete PI like details in Kite

Thanks and reards,

Baalshastri Pandit Pune

1/2. :slight_smile: we are already quite deep discount. No plans to go monthly unlimited. A company has to be able to earn money to remain sustainable.
3. Maybe in the future.

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  1. As a non-bank, offering IPO in the current form is tough. But exchanges are working on a platform. So hopefully that should help.
  2. Yep on our list of things.
  1. GTC/GTD orders are not supported by Indian exchanges. They way the other brokers do it are by storing orders on their own servers. But Zerodha is working on it and will hopefully launch it.
  2. Zerodha has applied for its NBFC license, so margin funding will be a reality soon.
  3. What you have to understand about Kite is that it is an online platform designed to be simple. It is not logical to offer all the features present in Pi on Kite. If you want them why not use Pi itself?

Well, the percentage of users on Windows mobile is negligible. Placing/Modifying orders on Kite is as easy as it can be, I am not sure why you think you find it hard.

DP charges are levied by the depositories (NSDL/CDSL) for their services and are standard across brokers. In fact, Zerodha has one of the lowest DP charges in India. Read this thread for more details about DP charges.

Your funds will be visible in your dashboard, plus you can track your transfers from your Bank Statement, SMS and Q Backoffice. With so many options what you are suggesting wouldn’t add any value.

Hi Rajkumar…It is difficult to select the option to exit/modify an order…on kite web on mobile…not on Desktop…Just try to Exit / Modify an order using kite web on any mobile device…not necessarily windows…U will understand…Its just need a redesign / change of code…

In Desktop,U can hover the mouse over the open positions to see the Exit / Modify button.But there is no mouse in a Mobile device…so its difficult to select that option…we can see the exit / modify option when we touch the open position…but it’s just difficult to select an option.

Try on a Device

I request the team to please give the Pi release for Mac Os. Though Kite is very good a platform, but it comes with limitations of many features which r available on Pi. I understand that we can install parallels or find other ways to run it virtually over Windows OS on macintosh machine, but that option isn’t convenient for everyone. I am waiting for Pi release for MacOS since Aug,16 and didn’t come across any article if there is any timeline for it in future.
I hope u understand it’s a genuine request for future updates.

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