In intraday trading discipline refers to what?

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Discipline refers to you sticking to your trading plan and not deviating from it!

Usually traders go with a plan but they deviate from it turning themselves into risk junkies! These are the undisciplined boys, you don’t want to be one of them :slight_smile:


Few things I followed and you could too..

1 - Do not expect to become an expert trader right away. It takes considerable time, practice, effort & discipline to learn trading.

2 - Paper trade or use a simulated trading web site to practice your trading techniques before you use your own money.

3 - Always limit your losses - use stop orders.

4 - If the markets on a given day are not performing or reacting the way you expected, it is best to simply get out.

5 - Try to predict the general direction of a stock price but do not try to pick tops and bottoms. 

6 - Remember that standing aside is a position and often the best one to take if you cannot form an opinion as to where the market is heading on a given day.

7 - Always keep records of your trading results and analyze the results.

8 - Never get emotionally involved with your trades as emotions often work against you.

9 - Do not try to focus on too many stocks at once. Limit your focus to a manageable number.


May be it helped..


Thank you very much Anil

You Welcome… :slight_smile: