In PI how to change indicators color

My query is about color of ADX +DI and -DI , can you change it to +DI to Green & -DI to Red , it is very difficult to distinguish between these two ,and same for Don chain channels , Apart from these two , i would like ask for addition of Line charts.

one last information required is , after creating chart studies for a particular stock, how to apply the same studies to all the stocks in scanner and how to save

hello trader,

On the ADX indicator only the color of the adx line is changeable.

To change color, you need to double click the adx line , the settings then pop up.

When you right click the chart, you will find the following options: CHARTS >> SAVE as Template.

You can then apply the saved template to other stocks using the same menu.

Thank you for your reply , but only the half the question is answered

Is there possibility to edit the saved template in Notepad or any relevant software and change manually?