In the holdings section how do I see NSE tickers only?

If I buy a share using NSE tomorrow in the holding section why do I see BSE ticker for the same share? I want to see only NSE ticker if it is available, BSE is illiquid doesn’t provide correct information. And incase if I were to sell it would by default use BSE which no user would want to do it accidentally.

Shouldn’t zerodha provide NSE tickers in holdings sections instead of BSE for better UX and avoid slippage cost for users?


Yes. I also agree with this point. Ideally they should have shown the same exchange. But they say that based on previous closing price they’ll show the exchange whichever closed higher. Quite misleading

The reason why Zerodha has to show the holdings in the exchange with the ‘best available market price’ is because of the following circular (BSE Notice No. 20200626-7) -

But that said, I agree with you that BSE is illiquid. Also upon reading through that circular, I noticed that the date for brokers to conform to those guidelines was August 31, 2020. That date has passed and I don’t see other major brokers (like Upstox for example) adhering to those guidelines. I was curious, have those brokers being fined or reprimanded for violating these guidelines?

I think this whole BSE - NSE interoperability is a scam.

Pledged Cash/collateral is for Option selling only - I get tht…But…
Lets say I Buy option with idle Cash in my account & short option with pledged cash/collateral - will entire margin of option selling be blocked from pledged assets Or margin benefit of hedges position be given