In zerodha do we attract penalities

If i sold my T1 settlement at LC, or my delivered shared at LC, but bought again at higher price.
Will it attract penalities by SEBI, if some one bought my shares that I sold earlier but later in the day purchased it back.

No, this will be counted as Intraday trade, there are no penalties.

so does that mean regardless of how I trade zerodha will not let me have any penalties. Its business logic will consider all scenrios. Actually it will be a very good thing if Zerodha does that, it is a great user convenience.
Please reply?

Selling shares from Holdings and Buying back later on the same day, everyone does that, and it isn’t illegal as well.

Yes, if you Sell Shares for Intraday (which aren’t in your Demat) and the stock hits Upper Circuit you won’t be able to get out of the position and will result in Short Delivery, in this case there will be penalties.

More on that has been explained here

Now today I sold FCONSUMER thinking I will do intraoday by following your advise, Now guess what it is not coming in Position which means I can’t play intraday. It is coming as greyed out, earlier it was not greyed out. and why it always shows BSE i don’t purchase in BSE because of low volume.

Intraday might not be allowed in that stock.

Stocks in your Demat account don’t have exchange associated to them, so LTP on Kite Holdings is shown from Exchange where previous day’s close was higher, for FCONSUMER close on BSE might have been higher on BSE that is why it shows BSE.

While selling you can add scrip trading on NSE to your watchlist and sell it on NSE from there.