Inaccurate Brokerage Calculation in Streak Backtesting

I did backtesting and got the following results.

Now you can see the profit is Rs 7715. Now total signals that generated and thus total trades taken are 55. Now for one intraday MIS transaction brokerage is 20. So, total brokerage for 55 whole trades must be 55*40= 2200.

But when I click brokerage adjustment, I see following.

So, the net deduction is 7715 - 6377.62 = 1337.38 which very less than 2200 brokerage (forget about other charges.)

What am I missing? How streak calculate brokerage and other charges? @streak

@Streak can you.

The charges by Zerodha for MIS Equity trades are 0.03% or INR 20 whichever is lower.

What is the quantity in your backtest?

Currently, Streak does not consider Stamp charges while calculating the charges but this will be added soon.

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I thought 0.03% or INR 20 whichever is ‘Higher’. Here looking at the quantity and price, 0.03% is applicable. So that means brokerage calculated is accurate (except stamp charges).


Another question.

Does streak take in account auto square off charges?

No square off charges are not considered.