Incase a trader faces a loss due to broker's mistake, what remedy does the trader have?

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Depends on what kind of issue you faced. Although I’d suggest if its something small just get it settled with the broker… Going to regulators for smaller issues is not very feasible because of the time and effort that you expend.

If the issue is something big & genuine then you can always complain to the Exchange.

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Also, where must one complain?

Could you explain how this happened?
You mean due to broker you lost something.
Please let us know, so that we also could be aware.

Even this happened to me sometimes, while updating the order on fresh login the session expires or the web page doesn’t load

I think connectivity issues cannot be contrued as mistake by the broker. If you feel the broker is providing such platform which is more prone to connectivity problems, you should change the platform or change your broker itself.