Incorrect data on Q and Kite

There have been repeated data issues in Q and Kite of Zerodha. The responses from support have been “under maintenance please have patience”. Ever since they moved to their internal system its been very bad in terms of frequency of data issues and outages of the systems.

  1. What is the prognosis and when do you expect the systems to stabilize. Give us an end date as per your expectations.
  2. What happened to the NBFC license Zerodha was supposed to acquire in Nov 2016 ?
  3. Do you plan to offer paid support or dedicated support contact for larger clients ?


Report taken Just now 13/03/2017 - 13:21 hrs

I have only PFC in my holding but it is showing data as end of 14 Feb 2017 :yellow_heart:

This was the problem since 30/12/2016.

I am patiently waiting for resolution.