Increase in capital share is a good sign?


Infosys continuously growing their share capital

As per some investment sites, it’s not good sign, plus infosys “promoter holding” is also less(13%) compare to TCS(72%). Why they increase capital share, instead they can use the dividend money which they throw every year to impress share holder.

I’ve not read warren buffet(or benjamin) and peter book yet, because I can’t read/watch all thing at a same time, but they are against the company which increase capital share/equity as I’ve read somewhere, I don’t know where, but am i right on that?

I’m totally noob into stock market, I don’t even have demet account yet (will open next year), I’m just learning with screener and zerodha varsity, so want to know what is still plus sign of infosys by knowing their fundamental.

p.s The question is not particular about infosys, I want to know the missing things, which pro fundamental investor know and attract to it.

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It’s a bad sign considering that it dilutes existing shareholders’ interests.

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