Increase open.interest

How to know whether open interest is increase in a particular script as compared to yesterday.
Example rcom open interest suddenly increase.

Also let me know about technical analysis in varsity of zerodha it is mentioned that if yesterday’s close price is greater than today open price.then script is bullish to trade but I didn’t find such script showin as per varsity in technical analysis chart.

friend, open interest data is available many places in the real time, in pi or almost any platform, on NSE
but the real time data is provisional data, accurate data is what we get end of day.
most trusted data from NSE daily reports.

Under which chapter did you read this?

On Cnbc awaaz Mr.anil singhvi discuss this ,@ 8 am.
If call option open interest is increase then they tell us buy signal

No!! You should start reading basics from varisity.
You are interpreting it all wrongly.