Index constituents list

Is there any way in Kite to view the stocks that are part of the index. For example, I would like to view the list of stocks that come under Nifty50 and on clicking a stock under the index, it should navigate me to the kite chart of the corresponding stock. This way I do not need to keep searching for index stocks. Not limited to Nifty50 and it would be great to search for any index like Nifty metals, pharma, banks, etc.

Right now am searching each and every stock and adding it to watchlist.


No way to check in kite. But you can add all the stocks in watchlist. Which are part of nitfy 50.

If your intention is only to view the stocks which make up a particular index, then it possible to do that using @TickerTape’s Constituents tab (which can be accessed via the Fundamentals option for an index (present in Marketwatch) and then clicking the See Detailed Info button). It is not directly present within Kite but can be accessed via it -

View Index Constituents via Fundamentals option in Marketwatch

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Thanks for this info. My requirement is different and I should have mentioned in detail.

Basically once I see the stocks listed under the index, I would like to navigate to the kite chart of a specific stock on a click.

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@siva Any feature in pipeline similar to this…?