Index funds / ETFs for Nifty and S&P BSE

Please help with liquid mutual funds and ETF’s mimcing NSE 50 and BSE sensex and are liquid

Buy SBI ETF Nifty 50 which highly liquid

check out the pinned post of this twitter, all the details available.

Also here in ETF, there is direct and regular options? Should we go with direct? why so?

ETFs don’t have any plans.

My bad, sorry. The expense ratio for ETF and passive mutual fund is not much. In this case what are all the benefits of passive mutual fund over the ETF?
Is Passive mutual funds are also called Index funds?

Also I was looking into two different funds, SBI-ETF Nifty 50 the expense ratio is 0.07% and SBI Nifty Index Fund-Direct- growth expense ratio is 0.26% what makes these funds differ.

I don’t see SBI-ETF Nifty 50 in coin?

passive mf /index funds are better if you want to do SIP, the amount being debited from your bank account. easy and convenient.

etf is for people who want to buy from nse, manually during market hours. etf is traded in nse.
so etf will not be available in coin.

If I buy in equity every month it should be the same as SIP right? In SIP the transaction are processed every month, where as here we need to buy the quantity every month. Any other benefits?

Also for SIP, you can invest thru coin or invest directly from the mf website, incase if you want to keep your longterm investments separately.

So long term like 10-15 years you recommend Coin and not buy in market.
How is the expense ratio covered here?

Long term investments you can buy from mutual fund houses like hdfc, uti mf.
no charges.
expense ratio is same , whether you buy from coin or mf house