Index mutual fund good to invest


Index mutual fund good to invest if yes can you give any opinion on that, I searched on Moneycontrol but there index mutual fund have poor rating


Yes, index funds are good. lot of info heretw


Index fund will mimic index movement. The ratings are given based on out performance of the benchmark. Since Index fund (if it is truly tracking the index) can not outperform the market thus I don’t think it will have excellent ratings based on returns. Forget about out performance many active funds are under performing the market these days. If you have a very long term view then Index funds should give your a return in the range of 12- 15 % ( The long term index returns in India) . ETFs in India still might have liquidity issue and therefore I would prefer investing in Index funds ( SBI Index fund is a good one). If you are investing in index funds you only need to look at the expense ratio and invest in the one which has the lowest expense ratio ( afterall they all will have same stocks and same allocation as per the Nifty or Sensex).

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Index fund(nifty 50 or sensex) over 10 years period = GDP Growth + Inflation Rate (average).