India at 75: The evolution of Indian economy and society

As India celebrates 75 years of Independence, in this issue, we take a look at some key data points on how our society and economy have evolved. Looking at all this and given the dreadful outlook globally, there’s no better time to be long on India :point_down:


@ all

What are you looking forward to the most ? in let’s say next 5-10 years ?

Growth, Peace, Happiness

Are you planning to shift to Bhutan my friend?

Gross National Happiness is the philosophy which Bhutan follows :grin:

Happiness is an inside job. It doesn’t come by switching geographies :slightly_smiling_face:. So @Prakashsingh no plans to shift.

Sare jahan se acha, Hindositan hamara. Yahi rahenge, yahi marenge :sweat_smile:

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Large increase in per capita income that actually touches the poorest and not the 100-200 billion $ race for India’s richest. Its very easy to see poor children living on highway roads and railway stations in Mumbai …

I guess not.

The division which exists will grow more, in part due to the existence of centuries old misconceptions and unworthy ideologies of people that plague this great nation, along with all the other obvious systemic elements that also exist in the developed world to one degree or the other.

I love to be proved wrong, but when you are surrounded by discomforting evidence which shatters every hope that you have, it is better to accept and embrace the bitterness, than deny the truth and live in an illusionary utopia.

I know that you know all of this better than me.

Per capita income , although a very useful indicator makes little sense in India’s context for the reasons that u rightly pointed out.

Our population is to high for these metrics which rely on averages to reflect a true picture. Sure, higher the avg better it is, but, the fact is - Do we have the capacity first to accommodate jobs to atleast 40-50 crore people. It is tough.

Ours, I think is the 6th largest country by size, and as we all know the second most populous country, with many natural resources, rivers. In a sense we can achieve self sufficiency at a national level regarding a few things. So yes, we can do a lot. Question is not how, but will.