India mobile trading app

Which stock broker in India provide best mobile trading app


But it crashed yesterday while I was trying to input my option trades, at 9:15 A.M. due to heavy volume. Also, my Funds tab also vanished due to which I was unable to capitalize on financial opportunity.

98% its a great platform, but sometimes it glitches.

Most of the times it will be user specific only and not from our end but yes, yesterday we have noticed a tiny fraction of users faced slowness at market open for few minutes.
Not trying to cover us but just saying as per my knowledge here is not even a single website which can guarantee 100% uptime.

The best app as of now is Espresso by BNP Paribas. I’m pretty happy with them You can check them out -

I like Finvasia’s shoonya. Though you can’t avoid glitches completely with any broker.