India vix , volatility , implied volatility

What are the common and difference between India Vix, volatility and implied volatility

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Volatility is just a standard deviation or variability of historical prices. This is also known as historical volatility and few believe it is a good indication of future volatility of prices.
Implied volatility as the name suggests is the volatility currently the market has discounted in to the prices. This is not directly observable in the market.
India Vix is a volatility index based on prices of nifty options, it shows markets expectation of 30 days volatility.
The Vix index is forward looking and is used to predict the future market movements where as historical volatility measures variability of historical or already known prices.
For more explanation go through this and also go through the comment section.

how to get the VIX, and implied volatility of indices on a 15 minute chart ?

On kite, add vix index and open chart and select 15min timeframe.