Indiamart, Affle, Infoedge

Hello, New Member.

Wanted to check other members’ thoughts as these three stocks Indiamart, Affle, and Naukri (Infoedge) have run up a lot. Is this a good time to invest or go against the momentum and wait for a dip. I understand these are unique and have monopoly in India but valuations are like astronomical!!

Any thoughts on these will be very helpful.



Not an advice since I am not a SEBI registered advisor. But personally I would avoid them at these levels and look for better opportunities with low risk.

Thanks Rohan. Makes sense. I have the same feeling and thanks for your suggestion. It is wise to wait.

Infact Happiest Minds looks good to me. It looks promising, recent IPO, have not run up a lot, in demand services, etc. Any thoughts by you or anyone else on the board will be helpful. Thanks.