Indian Stock Market veteran to follow?

There are some Market Veteran;s like Rakesh Jhunjhunwalla,Ramesh Damani…could you add some more in this list?

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Dolly Khanna, however she is not as publicly present as Rakesh J is.

SP Tulsian

Sudarshan Sukhani

Vallab Bhansali

​Prakash Diwan

Rajat Bose

Deepak Mohoni

Ashwani Gujral

My question: What’s the purpose?

Prashanth Jain (HDFC Mutual Fund),

Madhusudan Kela(Reliance Capital),

Udayan Mukerjee(for morning & evening news summary on cnbc tv18)

Ramesh Damani.

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You can even follow me, my name is $ud3$h :wink:

One and only one…i.e Your Conviction !!!

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