Indians trading in Foreign countries


Is it allowed for Indians to trade F&O of foreign countries ? i.e. Can Indians trade F&O of singapore, Malaysia, UAE etc…


If you are a resident Indian and transferring funds from India. NO.


@chandru.vks Ee rule bypass maadakke enadru upaaya idiya ?


Margin trading isn’t allowed by RBI. So no f&o possible


I think there is something where you can transfer money abroad for paying fees investing in compnies like It is LRS liberaalised remittance scheme so with that you can open account if you open please also notify me


I think that if you are living in that country, then you can invest in them. I am not sure but i think that it is illegal to do it from India. You should consult it someone that has sufficient knowledge about this as I don’t have much. I hope that the other forum members can help you.