India's CPI inflation and component wise inflation - May 2023

CPI Inflation - Headline numbers

  • CPI Inflation is at 25 month lows primarily due to a favorable base effect

Component-wise data

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@Meher_Smaran transport & communication there is a big drop - any macro event that took place?

also fuel,light - did fuel prices come down in any cities of India in last 2 months??


Although both transport and communication and Fuel and light are related to fuel prices, Interestingly, fuel prices of petrol and diesel for transport are included in this section rather than “fuel and light” which primarily focuses on power costs. So, the fact that there is not much spike in fuel prices annually is getting reflected in this section.

There is a slowdown in growth in prices of electricity when compared to last year as global coal prices have plunged quite a bit in the last few months.

Source: What the Economic Survey’s ‘Refined’ Core Inflation Tells us About Fuel Price Rise