Indices (NIFTY) has to be extended to trade 24 hrs

Today after FED decision To Begin Chipping Away At $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet SGX Nifty is dropped 40 Points, we were unable to react to that move. @nithin @Matti @BharatW Whats Your view on extending at least indices Future contracts? @Nikhil_Verma @haribabu

My view is allowing trading 23 hours. Trading should start at 12pm and end 11am. Let people do what they want. For the sake of few brokers should not deny this 24 hour trading.

Don’t give importance to SGX Nifty. FII selling for last one month still market going up. DII not participating in SGX Nifty so there is no support to stop it’s fall.

Retail traders Now learned Hedging. So no need to worry. But till expiry market may be in consolidation with down ward bias.

There is long week end at month end and Earnings season starts to test 1st QTR GST performance.
So before that we can’t see break out.

I had answered this recently on this thread

As a trader - I like the idea because there have been so many times when you couldn’t react to US market opening or news that usually comes around that time. As a broker - I like the idea because that would mean more business. But many mid sized brokers may not like this because it would put stress on their operations - like having two shifts for people working and etc.

But yeah, this is a tricky one. If I had an option, I’d keep maybe the Nifty/index derivative trading 24 hours a day similar to the US markets. Anyone who wants to hedge/factor in macro news can then use this instrument.

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