Individual Mutual Funds Investors Stats based on Income range

While glancing through twitter, I found this interesting stat regarding Mutual fund individual investors.

In a Lok Sabha reply yesterday, the govt released some interesting stats on individual mutual investors. Here’s the data :

Pictures Courtesy : Neil Borate

Interesting Observations :

  • Total no. of Individual investors are about 1.85 Crore.

  • Surprising to see that there are only 245 mutual fund individual investors in the whole country whose income is greater than 5 crore. (That’s seriously low ryt? :astonished:)

  • Approximately 70% of individual investors income range is below 5 lakhs. They contribute about 28.5% of Total AUM.

  • Major Chunk of AUM compared to no. of investors is contributed by 1-5 Crore income range investors. They contribute 31% of AUM with total percent of investors being less than 1% :flushed:

What are your views on this ?


LOL, I don’t think a person earning more than 5 crore would be taking out profits through salaries as it is tax inefficient.