Information on bonus residual cash

Hi All,

Whenever a bonus is issued, there is a fair chance of fractional share being pending and as per my understanding companies sell those residual shares and credit the amount to individual investors

For me when i see, there are below fractional share. How and where can i get details about when this would be sold by company

I tried getting details from investor presentation but couldnt get any info

@ShubhS9 any thoughts

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Not sure about how much time all the process takes. For more details you can reach out to the RTA of the company. Contact details for Powergrid are available here and for BCG here.

For powergrid fractional shares are already sold and proceed was paid along with last dividend (as two separate transaction).
You should have got it by now.

Thanks @ShubhS9 , @Akash_Shah

Well i do keep watch on all transactions and dont see it. But will double check