Infosys buyback 2019


Today Infosys announced a buyback from OPEN MARKET through stock exchanges and not directly from shareholders . the MAXIMUM price fixed is 800 per share.

Infosys share buy back @800

Disappointing. I made my mother buy shares in her account saying buyback buyback. Now tender route is not there. Useless guys.

Dont know wat to explain now


We can’t participate in open market buyback?
Who can participate and what is it’s process?


Open market buyback means company will buy shares at nse/bse through a broker like you and me buy at prevailing price subject to max rs 800 per share .right now too there are 4 live cases of such buybacks in market and very recent past cases were BSE ltd ,Lakshmi machines etc .


Actually such is euphoria that people assume every buyback to be proportionate method buyback. one may kindly note that even nowadays in this era of Dividend distribution tax and Dividend tax , there are more number of Open market buyback cases compare to Proportionate method buyback .
Open market buyback is cheaper and give the company a long rope .


so it means company will buy it’s shares at as least as possible price but will be ready to pay the maximum of 800rs/share.
Am I right?


YES , and buyback will start sometime in February end after postal ballot approval etc and will remain open for 6 months . the company can close mid way too after achieving /utilizing 50% of target amount.


@Rajiv1 : read all the details on this thread about 2019 buyback of INfosys.


How to participate in the share buy back offer??
I m holding delivery of infosys from 3 months


You have to sell at market price.