Infosys buyback tender form

What is the last date to submit the tender form… have not received the form yet but am eligible for the same…Thanks in advance for your help.

The buyback window period will be mentioned in tender form when you receive it. You should send the form well in time after considering the last date of buyback window/cut-off time.

I got the investor advice for dividend form Infosys . I think we should wait for tender form still not received by anyone…

Yes, even I have received the dividend advise but not the buyback tender form.

I had called Infosys , got the information that they are waiting for SEBI approval which could take 1-2 weeks, once they get the approval they will be sending the Tender form to the eligible email ids.

Oh! Could you please provide the Infosys contact?

For queries related to shares/dividends/compliances
AGS Manikantha
Company Secretary
+91 80 4116 7775
AGS Manikantha

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What is the last date before which the shareholder has to participate in buyback? Any idea guys on what is cutoff date to fill the tender form

@RS6006 the buyback window will be mentioned in the tender form, sir. Let’s wait for the tender form. I called Infy investor relations on the above number and they confirmed that it takes 15 to 20 days from record date to roll out the tender forms. They’re waiting for a final SEBI approval they said.

Thanks…its truly helpful…

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Thank you for confirming!

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I am eligible for retail buyback , Can I profit book now for my stocks , and again buy infy stocks if falls and offer in buyback ,

Yes, you can sell it, buy it back before you tender and tender before the buyback window closes, if that’s what you want.

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Thanks srinivas

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Hi srinivas,
2 weeks are about to get over for Infosys buyback and I have yet not received any email regarding the same.

what should i do now?

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Hey @Suresh_Mahawar let’s wait till Friday. If they are keeping up with the buyback timelines, then ideally you should get the tender form by Friday. Either way, you will not lose your buyback eligibility. You can tender your entitled shares whenever the form comes before the buyback window closes(which will be mentioned in the form).

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ohh thats great!!

thanks once again :slight_smile:


As per the latest quarterly report of infosys (sept 17) the shares with retail investors is more than 16 crores. So the entitlement ratio is going to be around 10 percent and not as high as 59 percent.

When I will get tender form of Infosys for buyback of share

the entitlement ratio of 59% is for nearly 3 crore reatil shares…it has increased to 16 crores as of sept 30…therefore the entitlement ratio is going to be reduced to 11% …acceptance ratio could be higher…dont expect it to be any more than 25%…we all are in for a rude shock surprise