INFOSYS BUYBACK, What about having shares more thn 2 lakhs

I am holding 300 Infosys shares.

1.Am i eligible to participate in buyback?

2.If I am eligible, suppose, 100 shares are offered, and locked for buy back, then how many days it will take for the settlement of buyback?
3. Can anyone participated this kind of buy back offer of other companies. Please share your experience such as total days for the final settlement, from the eligible date…

Sir, this query has been answered previously. Please read on the link below and avoid repetition of questions if possible.

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  1. What is the procedure for a HNI investors to participate in Infosys Buyback offer.
    2.15% is set aside for small retail investors, what about the remaining 85%. Who will fall in this 85%.Any specific percentage for HNI.
  2. Please advice ASAP, as if I have to compulsorily sell to maintain 2lakh to become retail investor. Tomorrow(27 oct 2017) is the last day.

The procedure for HNI investors is the same as that of retail investors, they have to apply for the buyback using the tender form.

I am unable to find the breakup for the other 85%. The entitlement ratio for HNIs depends on the HNI shareholding pattern, the share price as on record date and the quota set aside for HNI investors(if there is one).

Yes, to qualify as a retail investor to be eligible for the 15% retail quota, you have to ensure that your holding value in Infy is less than 2 lacs as of Record date of 1 Nov 2017. So you have to sell out the additional shares on 30 Oct or before to enable this.

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1.Whether HIN(more than 2lakhs worth ) are also eligible to participate in buyback, or they all have to become small retail investors, by shedding the excess shares?
2. Is it worth to hold Infy for next 2 to 3 months as per present market?.
3. Usually in how many days the buyback process will complete including the credit to bank account, from record date( 1st November 2017).
4. From 1st Nov 2017, how many days it will take for getting tender form(if eligible), how many days the tendered shares will be blocked by zerodha,
How many days for the final settlement.

HNI clients are eligible to participate in the buyback.

Not sure about this. Maybe some Infy guru can answer this.

The average time taken from board approval to payout in recent tender offers has been 4 months.

Once the eligibility is decided, the company’s RTA should send out the tender forms within a week or two. Zerodha will not block your tendered shares. Zerodha will transfer the shares you tender to the RTAs demat account and will place the bid for buyback on your behalf after receiving the tender form. After all bids are received as of cut-off date which will be mentioned in the tender form, the entitlement ratio will be determined for all shareholder and payout will be processed accordingly. Not very sure about timelines, but it will become clearer as days pass.

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