Infy buyback -Given this statistics of retail shareholding, am I guaranteed that my buyback bids will be accepted

Hi ,

Given the below statistics of retail shareholding and SEBI guidline of 15% retail reservation, am i guaranteed that my buyback bids will be accepted :

SEBI reservation in buyback for retail = 15%

statistics of retail investors equity capital :


Sorry, my bad . i should have considered the market cap @1150 and FaceValue = 5 instead of fully paid equity capital. Then in that case it appears every 1 in 2.5 bids by retail will be accepted . Assuming not all retail will tender theirs stocks , if i approximate it as for every 2 bids of mine 1 will be accepted , then even if i buy today @933 , i make a safe profit of nearly 10% . (i.e (1150-933)*100/1150 = almost 20% , half of it is 10%) .
Am i making sense ? or am i goofing up the calculation ?

The buy back is via the tender route and the profitability really depends on the acceptance ratio. I have a feeling the acceptance ratio will be at least 60%.

what is the book closure date for infosys buy back?

It was 31st Oct 2017