Int he money PUT not squared off on expiry

Hi, I did not squared ITM put option on bank nifty weekly expiry today. I don’t want to exercise this option but there is no such option available in Zerodha. Will it be automatcillay done?

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Not sure Zerodha . but u have to square off sir. If not choose don’t exercise option checkbox. If that is also not done urs will expire as exercised contract

U will collect the strike minus spot as profit but after deducting STT which will be heavy of entire underlying in ur case

Where is that check box. I never got that. Also in my case I purchased 27500 put at 2 and it went to 15. So profit would be 13000 (1000 quantity, 25 lots). Since I did not exercise profit should be 22000 (27500-27478) . Since system automatically made it “do not exercise”, shouldn’t I get 13000, normal case profit.

Yes profit before STT is Rs 22000. as u did not square off or choose did not exercise option ideally this must have got exercised and hefty STT charged.

Icici direct u can choose don’t exercise option.

But in Zerodha i am not sure how they handle. I heard they do auto square off on expiry day?

But not sure why u did not square off esp as urs was a somewhat reasonable ITM and not borderline

Did u see contract note?

Always choose full service bank brokers if u trade derivatives. Discount brokerage is only for equity people.

I was not able to square off because of problem on server side of broker. What can I do? But coming back, should I hAve been credited with profit.

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Yes but did u check status in trade book ? These problems never come in Icicidirect and i am.not able to visualize…u can raise the issue with NSE investor relations…

Did u receive contract note? What does it say? How can ur option expire sine die when it was in ITM? Check ur mails and trade book thoroughly…then raise the issue with NSE

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