Interest charged on margin Debit(Pledging Liquid Bees)

I Have a Liquid Bees collataral of 90K and 10K in cash and Trading in FNO + unpledged liquid bees of another 1 lakh in demat…On a day when i end up in loss and debit balance I sell further liquid bees in market to increase cash margin…Since Money will arrive in T+2 Days will i be charged interest rate for the negative debit balance?

@Nakul, Can you.

No interest is charged if after selling the liquid bees your account stands with a net positive balance.

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@siva sorry to ask repetitive question. i read this somewhere but forgot.

  1. Will i get full margin if i pledge liquid bees.
  2. Is investigating in liquidbees safe.
  3. Can i pledge mutual funds that invest in gsec.