Interest on SGBAUG28

What is the date of interest received in bank for sovereign gold bond?

Roughly, 6 months from the date of issue.

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Did anyone got interested credited for SGBAUG28 bonds? The issue date is Aug 11. Hence the interest should be credited every Aug 11 and Feb 11. I have purchased the SGBAUG28 bonds from secondary market through Zerodha. I verified that those bonds are in my demat account. But no interest credit today. Please let me know.

Give it few days, you should get it if that is the correct coupon payment date.

Sure, Will check after few days.

I received AUG28 interest today. It is on the DOT. exact amount.
No of Grams * Price *0.0125 (1.25% for 6 month)

Sorry, what do y mean by DOT. Have you bought these bonds directly from primary market or have you bought from Secondary market through Zerodha?

You will interest today (12-Feb). I purchase from secondary market only. Last month I got interest of SGBJUL28 as well, one day after the issue date.

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Thank you

I am waiting too…

Got the interest credited last night.

Thanks @Suyash.K… Not credited for me yet, still waiting. Will check back on monday…

Not credited to me as well. May be will get it next week.

I have received it today… Please check yours

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@Dinesh_Ramakrishnan Did you issue of SGB interest rate not being received got resolved? How did you fix it? I am also not getting interest on my SGB holdings. Please help if you can